When we watch full movies, they help shape who we are. A movie creates a memory that helps define us, shape what we think and how we see the world, on top of entertaining us. Movies are important to us – and so is love.

Love is Complicated

Love is complicated, and movies are one way of helping us break down and digest such a complex area of our lives. Life is complicated too, to the point where it isn’t even easy to always scrounge up enough money to go out to the movie theater. But when we watch online movies free, it’s easy to relax and take in the message about love behind the story. Maybe we can figure out some important truths about our own relationship thanks to the meaning within a movie.


So what are some good movies that have interesting things to say about the importance of love in our lives? There are so  many excellent movies to cite for this. Go to any free movie streaming website and there is probably some great movies about love available.

A really fantastic recent example of a movie that involves the importance of love in our lives is Pixar’s Inside Out (2015). This computer animated feature has an excellent message about loving ourselves, and the power of love from our family. The characters in the movie give insight into how our internal conversations shape our relationships with those around us. How they contribute to our emotional well-being. There’s also a really important overall message concerning something we need to keep in mind regarding our loved ones – sometimes, it’s okay to be sad.

Another wonderful movie about love is Blue is the Warmest Color (2013). This unforgettable film explores a young woman discovering herself, falling for another young woman and developing a long-term relationship with her. The film explores how painful love can be, and what happens when it is lost. The events in the film will remind us of our first loves, but also  help us relate with some of the pain we may have experienced long ago or even experience now. Just as love can support us and make it happy, movies online can reveal how much it can also hurt us and subsequently shape who we are.

Movies on Love

Perhaps the absolute best movie about the importance of love in our lives is the 2003 film Love Actually. The many characters in this movie show that we fall in love for crazy reasons beyond physical attraction, sometimes even out of our control. Also, they reveal that love is even worth it despite the efforts it takes to make it work. Sometimes bad things happen regarding romance, but the aftermath is worth it in end. We become stronger people, we develop more depth, we develop more understanding. The message is absolutely wonderful and relatable. It reinforces that love is worth it, and even when it doesn’t work out, it can help us become better people.

These are just a few films that show many of the different aspects of love that operate within our lives. Really, there are so many different movies that help us understand love and why it’s important to us as human beings. Love hurts, love saves ・ there are so many sometimes conflicting messages that all still end up showing themselves as true in our individual lives. It’s just that complicated, and integral to our human experience.

If you’re interested in checking out some movies about love to deepen your understanding of love and why it matters, try looking for free streaming movies online for their lists. Check out their romance section. Not all of them will be good, but many might offer you some valuable insight.