Love is an Art that can be learned, taught and developed. Love being the most pertinent human emotion is appreciated by every soul on earth. People crave for real love; they watch countless movies about cheerful and sad romantic tales, they listen to many trashy melodies about love — yet barely anybody imagines that there is anything that should be learned about this profound human emotion.

This particular behavior is based on several grounds. For starters, people take this profound emotion so casually. Their behavior is so for granted when it comes to loving a person with all their hearts instead, in the disguise of love; they are only satisfying their egos. Hence, all they want is to see their counterpart drenched in love for them. In the pursuit of this ambition, men want to achieve success and raise their social status by hook and crook. Women, on the other hand, work hardest to enhance their outer beauty and physique as to sexually appeal more men.

Secondly, people are no more looking for true love rather they are searching hard for an object with whom they can get their sexual needs gratified. People muse that it is so difficult to find the right object to love or to be loved by. Therefore, they fall in love instantly, the moment they think they have found the best object offered in the market.

Thirdly, people are confused between “falling in love” and “standing in love”. When two individuals who are total strangers, meet each other and all of a sudden, break all the walls between them, start feeling close, and then feeling one. This snapshot of unity is one of the most thrilling, most energizing encounters in life. This wonder of sudden closeness is frequently encouraged in the event that comes by, which is sexual fascination and culmination. Nonetheless, this sort of love is not enduring. As the two people turned out to be all around familiar, their closeness loses its marvelous character, until their opposition, their disappointments, their shared weariness execute whatever is left of the initial energy. However, first and foremost they don’t know this: truth be told, they take the force of the captivation, which is being “crazy” about each other, for verification of the intensity of their love, while it might just demonstrate the level of their preceding loneliness.

To master the theory and then practice are the two basic components of learning any art.