Christian director Dave Christiano presents a love story full of religious faith with his film Me & You, Us, Forever. In this movie, the main character Dave, a 47-year-old Christian, struggles through the aftermath of a divorce he never wanted while dealing with the struggles of his faith and raising two teenage daughters. He joins a divorce support group and meets a woman he begins to develop feelings for, meanwhile reflecting on a high school relationship he regrets ending. All of these issues are reflected on through a Christian lens, for the purpose of providing such viewers with the tools to get through their own personal tragedies. After all, divorce is a tricky situation and requires a lot of guidance and support.

If You Liked Me & You, Us, Forever (2008), Then Watch These Movies Also

If you enjoyed the message of Christiano’s movies and are looking to watch something late one night movie coversimilar, the best place to start is the other movies he has written and directed. His 2001 film Late One Night involves the story of a Christian man confronting three aggressive factory workers in a diner, with some guidance from her thrown in. It’s only 33 minutes long, which makes it quite an easy movie to pick in terms of free online movies.

The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry (2008)

If you would like a longer story written by Christiano, try his film The Secrets of Jonathan late one night movie coverSperry (2008), directed by his brother Rich Christiano. The movie tells the story of a young boy who befriends an elderly man while mowing his lawn as a small job, learning the power of faith and small acts of kindness along the way. The movie was praised by Kirk Cameron and won Best Original Score at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival in 2009. Another production from Dave Christiano’s brother Rich is the 2014 film A Matter of Faith. The movie tackles the education of the theory of evolution and Christian faith.

No Greater Love – Perfect Match

Another similar movies outside of the Christiano family is the 2010 Christian film No Greater no greater love movie posterLove, which is especially perfect if you’re looking for another love story. In this movie, high school sweethearts grow older and drift apart, divided by work and substance abuse. Just when one moves on and marries another, the other returns reformed. This heart-wrenching film involves themes of personal reform and the healing powers of love that will inspire the viewer.

Then there is 2009’s The Lost & Found Family, about a woman who must struggle to find meaning and faith after the loss of her husband. She ends up encountering a crew of foster children that help her in ways she never would have expected or imagined. The movie was directed by Barnet Brain.

For All Lovers Of Heart – Breaking Movies

All of these movies and more can be found by searching for a site to watch free streaming movies online. If you want to purchase the DVDs, they can be found the director’s website at Hopefully if you enjoyed Me & You, Us, Forever, you will enjoy these movie suggestions as well.