Director Dave Christiano has been on the Christian scene for quite a while at this point. He’s been producing a Christian filme very few years since 1986. In March of 2004, his dramatic television series 7th Street Theater premiered on the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He has directed, produced and written movies such as The Pretender (1987), Pamela’s Prayer (1998), and Late One Night (2001).

me you us forever movie

Recently, he wrote for his twin brother’s 2014 movie A Matter of Faith, which made $677,577 at the box office. He is also the founder of, a good place to check out if you’re looking to watch full HD movies and want to add some Christian films to your DVD collection.

Me & You, Us, Forever Movie Date Release

Dave Christiano’s 2008 film Me & You, Us, Forever was released in movie theaters on February 15. The narrative in this movie tells a very different sort of love story, at least in terms of Hollywood standards and what we are used to seeing on screen when we watch a romance movie. The story focuses entirely on sentimental love and not sexual relationships. me you us forever movie reviewHis tale means to tug on the heart strings in a realistic and intimate way – without getting too intimate. The overall tone and themes are meant to be inspiring, especially for those who value their faith closely.

The movie involves the events surrounding a 47-year-old Christian named Dave, played by Michael Blain-Rozgay,who is in the middle of a divorce that he doesn’t even want. He has a good work life and two teenage daughters, but it’s a lot for him to tackle and cope with when he never asked for the divorce to begin with.

Retering To First Love

The unpleasant drama of the situation causes him to think back to his first love, a high school girlfriend he had seen for more than two years when he was seventeen, several decades before. The sweetness of the experience of a blossoming first love has stuck with him all these years. The movie flashes viewers back to western New York in the year 1974, where we see the teenage love unfold from the point of view of the main character.
Sandi Fix is the actress who plays Mary during the present day, as an adult. In 1988, Fix was the winner of Miss South Dakota USA. Other than that, the other actors are largely unknown and do not have many acting credits to their name. This is a downside because their inexperience shows in their acting.

The film was shot in both Hendersonville and Greenville, South Carolina. The production value is of decent quality and all the settings in the story are very plain and relatable – which was probably Christiano’s intent, as he did state he made this film to help Christians who may be going through a hard time. He also states that the movie is based on his own experiences with first love and a messy, disheartening divorce. As you can expect from a Christian film, Dave talks about Jesus a lot while sorting through his problems. If this is similar to how you cope through difficult experiences, then you are bound to relate with a lot of what he says. If not, then you may still enjoy the film – at least if you can get over some the other negatives about this movie.

Me and You, Us, Forever
Me and You, Us, Forever – Movie Scene

Christiano does have some difficulty cutting out extraneous parts of the scenes, which can make the film seem very slow-paced and not engaging. The scenes do not cut back and forth; rather they showall of the movements of the characters in that moment. This is not always interesting to watch and why directors usually cut these scenes down to begin with. This applies to such mundane activities as parking a car and entering a building. These actions are included in the movie, but they’re not exciting to watch.

In fact, there’s a lot of talking in this film, working through memories and reflections, and not a lot of action. Dave often ponders what his next move should be. When he meets an attractive woman named Carla in a Christian divorce support meeting, played by the actress Stacey J. Aswad, she adds yet another dilemma in his life for him to ponder about as they grow closer and closer, both of them discussing their long lost first loves with each other. He is often conflicted about whether they are more than friendsor only that. He is also conflicted about whether her should contact his first love Mary, or let her go after all this time – a whole thirty years without seeing her.

There’s a little too much talking and pondering in this film, and not really much else. Unfortunately, the characters and the storyline are just not engaging enough to make the viewer care about whatever Dave decides to do. You’re not invested in his problems – whether he’s in love with Carla, or if he should contact Mary.
After some thought and a few scenes, the situation doesn’t seem all that relatable any more. How many people experiencing a divorce begin to daydream about their first love in high school, to the point where they want to reach out to them after thirty years of not speaking? How romantic is that, really?

What’s Special About Me & You, Us, Forever the Movie?

These dilemmas are incredibly simplistic, and consequently the dialogue is as well. The writing in this film is just nothing spectacular, and even a little cringeworthy and tiring at times. Too little happens by the end of the movie for the viewer tohave the opportunity to extract a meaningful message from the whole affair. There is just not enough substance here to really dig your teeth into. The ending is not reassuring, and in fact leaves some strange lingering qe
The film and setting look fine, but there’s nothing very much going on throughout the movie to thrill or excite you, or even really comfort you by looking at divorce aftermath, which is what the director originally intended. This is an inspirational film that is just not very inspiring in the end.

Low Income of The Movie

Still, many viewers were touched by the comforting message, which sought to provide Christians who may be experiencing a tough situation like divorce with some helpful thoughts. If this is a message that interests you, then it may be worth checking out.
Overall, the movie did not receive very favorable reviews and only grossed $84,093 at the box office, $58,662 of that being from the opening weekend. This is not a movie that is worth purchasing. Rather, if you are looking for a nice and simple Christian love story and drama, try to locate this movie where you can watch free streaming movies online.There are many different sites where you can find this movie and it may be worth spending 88 minutes if you’re interested in a Christian perspective on divorce.