In Dave Christiano’s Christian love story Me & You, Us, Forever, a middle-aged Christian struggles through the complications of a sudden and unwanted divorce. The main character Dave balances work, raising his two teenage daughters, dealing with the fallout from the divorce, and attending meetings for a divorce recovery group. He ponders reconnecting with this long lost first love and the budding relationship with a young divorcee he meets at his group.

The film is meant to provide an inspiring Christian message to people of that faith who may be experiencing a difficult time, such as a messy divorce. So how effectively did the director get this message across? Was the end result a high-quality movie to seek out when you’re looking to watch movies online? One good way to figure this out is by looking to see what the critics said.

The overall audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 35%, which is not a very good popular rating – but also not the worst. Head film critic Ken Hanke from the Mountain Xpress of Asheville, North Carolina reviewed the film, calling the movies technical features, such as camerawork and lighting, “competent,” but the plot devoid of action. He states that he痴 never seen 殿 less interesting or more dramatically neutered movie.” He uses the word bland repeatedly in his review and is critical of Christiano’s direction of scenes, capturing banal movements like walking to and fro and locking a car door. He calls his directing style mateurish.・ He also criticizes the amount of talk and reflection in this movie in lieu of action or anything exciting happening.

In the paper Grand Rapids Press, Andrew Jefchak labeled the film 2008’s “Worst Inspirational Feature,” saying that Christiano’s movie “takes an important message about life and turns it into boring drivel through simplistic dialogue, terrible acting and unimaginative direction.” The movie was listed in a list of other movies labeled worst of the Year.”

A review at the website Christian Answers, which provides a Christian spotlight on entertainment, portrays the movie with the director’s intent – helping those who are experiencing pain after a divorce. They emphasize that anyone who has experienced divorce, whether they are spouses, children, friends, or extended family, will benefit from viewing the message contained within this movie. The website portrays some audience comments, both positive and negative. Some viewers comment that they find it refreshing to watch a love story that contains no nudity or sex. They expressed their intent to purchase the movie on DVD once it is available. One audience reviewer stated that they

“enjoyed a tender story, with no violence, sex, etc. Without those distractions, we could focus on the very real emotions and words used to convey the feelings of the characters.”

Another audience reviewer states that they enjoyed the moral message of this film, but were disappointed in the acting and the lack of fruition when it came to Dave’s backstory with his first childhood love. They stated that they gave it an ‘A’ for him but a ‘D’ in the acting and location part.”

The consensus seems to be that if you are compelled by the Christian message, there is a lot of that here for you, however the quality of the directing and acting might leave something to be desired. If the critics are to be believed, then this might be one you reserve for when you’re looking to free online movies on sites that offer free movie streaming. Try it out that way in your pursuit of full movies, and if you find you do enjoy it, you can purchase the DVD.


  1. This movie did a very good job of explaining the difficulties in divorce. Especially when children are also involved. It also describes a man who through his pain decided to be totally honest with his feelings, his emotional being, himself…