Not an awful lot is known about the six foot tall actor Michael Blain-Rozgay‘s personal life. His general look is described as clean-cut, which helped him land everyman roles to kickstart his career back in 1990. From these roles, he managed to work up to lead roles in predominantly Christian films. He continues to land acting roles and has a movie currently in its pre-production phase.

First Steps of Actor Michael Blain-Rozgay

In 1990, Michael Blain-Rozgay started his career with his role as a mall sergeant in the TV movie Chips, the War Dog, a movie about an oddball pairing between an army man and a German Shepherd during World War II. Six years later, he landed a part as a waiter in the episode “Hidden Agenda” for the television series Nowhere Man.

In 1997, he finally had a name role in a full length feature film. He played the character Brian in the movie Total Reality, a science fiction movie based on a Phillip J. Roth story. In this movie, a general goes back in time to save the universe. After this role, he played two more parts at the end of this decade in two made-for-TV movies: Final Justice and Take My Advice:  The Ann and Abby Story. He appeared in another full length film in 2001, playing the role of a news anchor in the movie The Elite, about five young adults trained to be an anti-terrorist group. In 2002, he played a waiter in an episode of NYPD Blue.

Appearances In Many Christian Movies

In 2005, Blain-Rozgay appeared as a character named Gary Shift in his first Christian movie Michael Blain Rozgay actor photoproduction, Believers Among Us. This was followed by his appearances in many Christian movies. In 2006, he played the role of Darren in the Rich Christiano movie The Unidentified, about an investigation into UFO sightings. This was followed by his role as the lead in Dave Christiano’s full length 2008 movie Me & You, Us, Forever. In his first major lead role, he plays a man named Dave, who is struggling with questions of faith after experiencing a messy divorce and reflecting on his long lost high school love.

He appeared in the 2009 film Road of No Return and that same year appeared in a small background role in a huge Hollywood production – Avatar. This is the highest grossing film he has appeared in to date. While all of these roles came his way over these years, he appeared multiple times as different characters in several episodes of the television soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful between the years of 2001 to 2015.

Present Career Michael Blain-Rozgay

He is currently set to play character Rick in the movie Roller Girl’s Revenge, which is still in pre-production. If you’re interested in watching any of these films and television shows that Michael Blain-Rozgay has appeared in, try searching for streaming movies online. Many different free movie streaming websites will have these films and episodes. The movies can also be purchased online and at various electronics and media outlets.